At Core Collab, we are not like standard Pilates machine suppliers. 


Design and create our machines

Don't use a "one size fits all” stock standard machine, like other brands


Your upholstery

Your colours

Your commercial springsYour branding on the machine 

This is what we do! 

Having spent thousands of hours on our own machines we know exactly what you need. If you are needing guidance, just chat to us

Pilates Reformers Equipment

Explore Our Premium Pilates Equipment Collection

The Core Collab has always focused on offering quality, comfort, and results to the Pilates practitioners and fitness enthusiasts. Our Pilates equipment includes a wide range of premium-quality Reformer machines for home and studios, and a collection of accessories to elevate your experience and improve your overall fitness and health. Whether you require a compact machine to place in any corner of your home or a professional Pilates Reformer for your studio, we have it for you. Discover the art of precision, comfort, and innovation that defines The Core Collab, and embrace a new level of strength, flexibility, and balance in your fitness routine.

Studio-Grade Equipment for Everyone

Experience studio-grade excellence with our Pilates Reformers designed specifically for professional settings. Crafted to meet the demands of rigorous studio use, this Pilates health equipment boasts advanced features that enhance both instructor-led sessions and client experiences. Discover seamless gliding motion, whisper-quiet operation, and versatile settings that allow for diverse workout routines. Our studio Reformers are the perfect addition to any Pilates studio, offering unparalleled performance, durability, and an elevated fitness experience. The Core Collab makes sure your studio is equipped with the best in the market and your clients go home highly satisfied.

Compact Pilates Equipment - Save Space & Improve Health

Discover the perfect fusion of versatility and space-saving design with our compact Pilates Reformers, tailored for invigorating home workouts. We have crafted these machines to seamlessly integrate into your living space. These Reformers offer a comprehensive Pilates experience with adjustable resistance, padded comfort, and precise engineering. The Core Collab enables you to elevate your fitness journey without compromising on quality or convenience, transforming any room into a personal Pilates studio with our compact and versatile equipment, where strength, flexibility, and balance flourish. If you’re not comfortable going to an overcrowded studio, our Pilates home equipment is what you need.

Transform Your Pilates Journey

Transform and optimize your Pilates practice with The Core Collab's premium accessories, including Pilates circles and balls for targeted toning, Reformer mats offering unparalleled comfort, gripping Pilates grip socks for stability, and versatile weighted bands for intensified workouts. Designed to enhance every aspect of your workout, our meticulously crafted Pilates equipment and accessories provide support, challenge, and variety, ensuring a balanced and transformative fitness experience. Embrace innovation and invest in these essential tools to unlock the full potential of your Pilates routine and achieve remarkable results in every session.

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