Premium Pilates Reformer Accessories - Making Workout Easier

Working out could be stressful sometimes and lead to a loss of interest and motivation. The Core Collab understands your problems and offers you high-end and premium quality accessories to make your workout routine easier and more fun. We have professional and seasoned practitioners working with us to ensure that we design and manufacture equipment that gives you results to keep you motivated and indulged in your workout routine. We have meticulously crafted a set of Pilates Reformer accessories to elevate your Pilates experience and fitness journey.

Targeted Toning of Muscles with Our Accessories

Our set of some finest accessories is a great addition to your collection of Pilates equipment. We ensure that you get targeted toning and better movements with these accessories at hand. The Pilates circles offer versatility and challenge in your workout routine targeting the muscles on your thighs, arms, and chest. That is how our Reformer accessories help tone your body better. If you look for support to your core, we have the Pilates ball for you to engage your core and make your workout more effective with these simple accessories. 

Pilates Reformer Accessories - Offering Added Comfort

The Core Collab Pilates accessories don’t just make workout effective, they also offer comfort to ensure that your workout is not interrupted or ruined by discomfort. We have designed Pilates mats to perfectly fit onto your Reformer machines for added comfort, support, and stability. That helps reduce pressure on your joints and you get controlled movements. These mats don’t slip or slide from their position and that is how they keep you in control throughout the session. All our accessories, including Pilates mats, are made from durable materials to make them last for ages and not lose shape.

Enhance Your Pilates Journey with Thoughtful Accessories

We are the pioneers of manufacturing Pilates machines in Australia and we know how to enhance and elevate your Pilates experience. All the equipment and Pilates Reformer accessories are thoughtfully designed and manufactured to provide you with comfort, stability, control over your workout, and keep you motivated throughout your Pilates journey. We have a complete range of accessories for your convenience, from grip socks to Pilates circles and mats, to make your journey memorable and effective. Tone your body well with our accessories and live a fit and healthy life.

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