Why choose a Core Collab Product over anything else?

Core Collab equipment has been designed and tested in some of the largest studio chains in Australia and recently in more than 1000 home studios as we moved through the COVID lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. Our products are practical, sturdy and styled to fit in with whatever your decor. Did we mention that we can customise??

What's the difference between the models?

All Reformers are built for studio usage, with no compromise on quality. From the quality of the plush feeling upholstery to the bearings on the tracking wheels, no sacrifice on high end feel has been made.

When will my Equipment be delivered?

Please check the product description for information about delivery timeframes for your bed type. (in some cases current COVID restrictions may impact dispatch times).

Your delivery can be scheduled by our Team anywhere between 8:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Why is my delivery delayed?

As you may be aware the current global challenges with imports due to Covid 19 continues to worsen and with most factors beyond our control, there will be further delays.

We are working closely with all our partners to try to minimise these delays, however like many retailers who rely on international shipping, the impacts continue to be significant caused by the pandemic.

In addition to some major ports where the ships our beds go through to get to our factories have been shutting down for periods due to outbreaks, there is also a container shortage globally compounding delays. Furthermore, shipping lines have been reduced coming into Australia adding to these delays also.

Rest assured we are doing all we can to ensure all beds are received as soon as practicably possible. We prioritise each shipment as soon as it arrives at our warehouse to customers awaiting their order. Where ordinarily we would take 2-3 weeks to dispatch, we are adding additional team and trucks on the road to dispatch within a 5-7 day turnaround at most.

We endeavour to communicate any shipping and delivery updates with estimated timeline to our customers as soon as we have word from our shipping partners. Unfortunately it is a moving target currently, however our intention is to provide the most up to date information as soon as we can.

We are truly sorry to everyone for these delays and the inconvenience it causes. We know how excited our customers are to receive there beds. We are also frustrated with the circumstances but really do appreciate your understanding and patience.

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