Pilates Reformer Machine Exercises for Beginners and Advanced Users

The reformer Pilates is one of the great places to start working out and doing low-impact workout targeting:

  • Strengthens core
  • Elongate muscles
  • Shape the body

Workout on the Pilates reformer machine is known for its ability to tone and strengthen the body. Furthermore, the reformer machine also improves muscle control, flexibility, and even circulation. There is no workout in comparison to a good Pilates routine.

Pilates Reformer Machine Exercises to Try Out

The reformer Pilates machine workouts are your best bet if you want to burn extra calories. We will discuss all you need to know about Pilates reformer machine exercises suitable for beginner and advanced users.

Pilates Reformer Machine Footwork

The core focus of footwork on a Pilates reformer machine is to strengthen the muscles on your legs and even align your body perfectly. You can begin with 2-4 springs initially, depending on the level of resistance needed. The foot bar and headrest stay up, and instead of squat-standing up, the footwork Pilates is done while lying down on the reformer. The exercise entails pressing away from the bars with your legs extended completely.

The next stage will be bending your legs and squatting to bring the carriage back toward the starting place. Fortunately, there are tons of positions in Pilates footwork, including the following:

  • Pilates V
  • Pads of the feet
  • Heels
  • Feet wide
  • Arches and more

Next up in the Pilates reformer machine workout is:

Leg Circles

The leg circles are another class favorite in a group reformer training setup. It would be best if you inhaled when you lie down on the reformer platform and put both arms on the sides with your palms facing down. Now place your feet in the straps, move on to extend your legs straight, and put them together at a 90-degree angle. As you exhale, press down on the straps to lower the legs to 45 degrees. Open your legs wide and circle all around 90 degrees.

You must also engage your core, bringing the legs away from your body and into a circular motion. You can also change directions as necessary.

Chest Expansion

The chest expansion workout on a Pilates reformer machine is an advanced or intermediate-level exercise with multiple qualities. This particular workout is all about the arms; however, it poses a significant challenge for the back and the legs. Depending on the desired resistance, you can start with a light or medium-tension spring while leaning against the shoulder blocks. Hold on to the straps in your hands, and you can pull the arms back; now reach down into the straps and your legs. Lift your chest, hold on to the carriage still as you look on, and stretch your neck left and right. After this, reach your arms down and move forward to return to the spring.

For optimum results, do this in the repetition of 3 to 5 times under your machine workout.

The Hundred on Pilates Reformer Machine

Doing the hundred on the reformer machine is similar to doing it on a mat but with straps and added resistance from the springs. Additionally, a reformer machine doing the hundred normally comes after the footwork. The hundred and footwork exercises on a Pilates reformer machine prepare and warm up the body for the entire Pilates session.

Initially, you can start with 2-4 springs, keeping the foot bar down. Lie on your back on the platform as you hold the handles with both hands to bring both knees to the chest. Now curl your head and put your shoulders up while pressing both arms straight towards the carriage. Now, pump your arms as you inhale for five pumps, then move on to exhale for another five pumps. Repeat this for a total of nine more times while keeping your neck in line with the spine.

Final Word

The above are many exercises you can do on a Pilates reformer machine. Each can be altered, and movements can be changed inside a reformer Pilates class to adjust the desired intensity. The alteration can also be done for working targeted muscles with additional choreography. Most celebrities swear on the body conditioning benefits of a reformer machine workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Reformer Pilates workout suitable for beginners?

Ideally, most, if not all, of the Pilates reformer workouts are modifiable for suiting suit a beginner’s level. This should be done under the supervision of a Pilates instructor.

What is the major difference in Pilates equipment and reformer?

The mat classes use the body weight for Pilates exercises, while the machine adds resistance to workouts by using springs that are a part of the machine.

How do you get the ideal results from Reformer Pilates?

Our best advice is to take it slow. Controlling your movements is one of the essential steps towards doing the reformer Pilates workouts correctly.