8 Best Home Pilates Reformers, According to Experts

Pilates reformers are versatile exercise machines that allow you to perform various Pilates exercises at home. The sliding carriage and resistance bands provide both challenge and assistance for optimal strength and flexibility training. When purchasing a Pilates reformer for home use, choosing a high-quality machine from a reputable brand is crucial.

To help guide your search, we compiled recommendations from Pilates experts on the top reformers from the leading equipment company, The Core Collective.

Based on their reviews, here are the #number best home Pilates reformers to consider

1. The Core Former

The Core Former reformer lives up to its name as the ultimate Pilates machine designed for home use. This professional-grade reformer provides studio quality and versatility in a sleek, compact footprint. The adjustable springs and rolling carriage allow fluid motion for exercises at all levels. Additional features like a jump board, rotating mat, and resistance bands allow you to progress you’re training continually. Pilates instructors recommend The Core Former for its smooth glide and quiet operation, ideally suited for home practice. The sturdy maple construction and high-grade components ensure durability for years of frequent use. For dedicated Pilates enthusiasts, The Core Former, such as new sensor ai reformer, delivers unparalleled quality and function.

2. The Core Plus Reformer

The Core Plus reformer provides an excellent mid-range option with professional studio quality at a more affordable price. This versatile machine features a powder-coated steel frame and precision rolling system for smooth, fluid exercises. Six sliding spring settings allow you to increase resistance as you advance. The rotating mat, jump board, and resistance bands expand your training possibilities. Reviewers praise this thoughtfully designed reformer for its quality construction, easy assembly, and lighter footprint, which fits nicely in home spaces. The Core Plus is an excellent choice for those seeking professional performance on a budget.

3. The Core Start Reformer

As the name suggests, The Core Start reformer delivers an ideal starter machine with essential beginner features. The compact and lightweight aluminum frame takes up minimal floor space. However, the machine provides versatile training with adjustable spring resistance, a rotating mat, and a jump board. While the function is simplified for entry-level users, the construction remains durable for continued use as you progress in your practice. Given the quality and price point under $1000, fitness experts highly recommend The Core Start for Pilates novices shopping on a budget.

4. The Vertical Reformer

The Vertical reformer provides an innovative wall-mounted design for those short on space. The steel frame folds vertically for the smallest possible storage footprint when not in use. However, the machine still provides studio-quality function with adjustable spring resistance and a rotating mat to target different muscle groups. This revolutionary reformer is perfect for small apartments or to create a fully equipped home studio without taking up your entire floor space. Fitness professionals praise The Vertical for its space-saving engineering without sacrificing workout quality.

5. The Core Split Reformer

True to its name, The Core Split reformer features a carriage that separates into two sides for diverse exercise options. The adjustable springs allow you to modify resistance as needed. Moreover, the split carriage design facilitates targeted isolation movements to sculpt your abs, arms, legs, and more. This innovative machine combines the best of a reformer, chair, and barrel in one space-saving design. Pilates instructors recommend The Core Split for facilitating targeted toning and stretching from head to toe. The machine provides excellent stability even in the split position thanks to the quality construction.

6. The Solo Reformer

For those seeking a pared-down starter machine, The Solo reformer provides an affordable option with essential features. The lightweight folding frame allows easy storage between workouts. The machine includes two resistance cords and a rotating mat to target your arms, legs, core, and more. While the function is simplified for entry-level users, the construction remains durable to last through continued practice. Given the quality and price point under $600, The Solo reformer, such as The Queen (Folding) New 2024 Design, works very well for beginners looking to start Pilates at home without a substantial upfront investment.

7. The Vertical Tower

Take your Pilates workout vertical with this innovative tower system. The Vertical Tower combines a Pilates reformer, high chair, and ladder barrel in one space-saving unit. The folding design can be stored against a wall or rolled away. During your session, the adjustable springs and sliding carriage provide resistance to target different muscle groups for a full-body workout. Pilates professionals praise this machine for facilitating standing exercises safely while building core strength. For a versatile 3-in-1 system, The Vertical Tower, such as Queen Reformer with half Trapeze, allows you to progress through hundreds of exercises within a petite footprint.

8. The Core Cadillac

For advanced-level Pilates enthusiasts, The Core Cadillac facilitates challenging full-body workouts. The multi-function tower design includes a push-through bar, springs, a roll-down bar, and more to allow advanced stretching and conditioning exercises. This versatile machine enables you to target smaller muscle groups for precision training. While pricier than a primary reformer, fitness experts recommend The Core Cadillac for experienced Pilates doers looking to progress to more difficult reformer exercises and spring resistance work. It is commercial quality for personal home use.

The best home Pilates reformer depends on your space, budget, and experience. However, with The Core Collective’s thoughtfully designed equipment, you can create a professional-grade studio at home.

I hope these expert recommendations help you find your perfect home Pilates machine to take your training to the next level!

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