Is It Worth Buying A Reformer Pilates Machine in Australia?

Our modern world is shaped by convenience and accessibility, where the whole world is available at our fingertips with a touch of a button or a swipe on a screen. 

While the significance of these changes can not be ignored, the negative impact such comfort has had on our physical and mental conditions is not to be understated either. The Australian Bureau of Statistics discovered that only 23.9% people aged fifteen and over met their established physical activity guidelines, which virtually emphasise strength and toning workout sessions three days or more a week for the group aged 5-17 and two days or more weekly for those aged 18-64. 

This is where pilates comes in clutch as the ultimate tool for levelling up your strength training and toning routine. While pilates, particularly reformer pilates, has been steadily rising in popularity throughout the years, there are still many questioning this form of exercise and if it is worth investing in such a machine. This article addresses both the positives and the negatives of reformer pilates before eventually arriving at a conclusion of whether or not to buy such a machine in Australia. 

What Is A Reformer Pilates Machine?

Pilates is a type of exercise that focuses on the mind-body connection while holding a series of poses that strengthen and tone your muscles, specifically your core, back, and glutes. Named after the German physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, this method has since evolved with the use of modern technology and equipment. A reformer pilates machine is a resistance machine that uses a frame and a sliding platform along with springs, straps, and ropes to target specific muscle groups in the body. Some incorporate additional gym gear as well, such as resistance bands or circle rings, for more of a challenge. 

Benefits Of Buying A Reformer Pilates Machine

Change Up Your At-Home Workout Routine

Weight-lifting and cardio are great forms of exercise but sometimes, it’s essential for us to slow down, take a deep breath, and engage in slow, controlled movements in our workouts. Even if you opt for a more hard-core form of reformer pilates with limited breaks, the exercise still requires you to slow down your movements. While this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can be a great way to break free from your usual strenuous activities and focus on strengthening each individual muscle group. Buying a reformer pilates machine in this case is an excellent course of action as it serves as the perfect blend of flexibility, strength training, and deep conditioning.

Focus On Strength And Toning

While most of us are used to heavy compound movements, such as lifting weights and running on the treadmill, pilates helps us fill in the gaps by isolating our muscle groups and working on them accordingly. This can be a great full-body workout that further improves your joint mobility and corrects muscle imbalances. If your goal is to develop a strong core and tone your abdomen, working on a reformer pilates machine might just be your best bet. In addition to that, strengthening your core and muscles can help prevent injury as it improves your overall posture and form as well. 

Foster A Mind-Body Connection

As we briefly mentioned before, the essence of pilates lies in cultivating a mind-body connection. This is a rather spiritual aspect that isn’t present in many other forms of exercise, save for yoga. Your goal during these sessions is to make sure your muscles are engaged with your breathing at all times. As you connect with the breath, you connect with your body. The transition from one pose to the next can be transformative as you will feel more fully present in your body. 

However, buying a reformer pilates machine comes with its challenges as well that can make you reconsider investing in such a commitment.

Challenges Of Buying A Reformer Pilates Machine

Prepare For High Costs and Spatial Arrangements

If you’re on the hunt to buy a reformer pilates machine, keep in mind that this purchase is likely going to cause a noticeable dent in your wallet. These machines are by no means cheap as they’re crafted with cutting-edge technology to cater to different resistance and strength training needs and, hence, typically start from $2000.00. Furthermore, you’ll also need to consider where to store your machine as it can take up to 16ft² of space. If these aspects aren’t considered before purchase, you might find yourself in some hot water later on.

Bear The Opportunity Cost

Another challenge of buying a reformer pilates machine in Australia is the opportunity cost of the alternatives you could have chosen instead. Some people prefer to go to reformer pilates classes or even try mat pilates instead. Or most importantly, some fitness enthusiasts and gym junkies can’t seem to warm up to the idea of pilates, even after trying it out for a while. Before making any huge investment, make sure you consider other alternatives you could try out instead. 

The Verdict

Having explored the pros and cons of buying a reformer pilates machine, it’s safe to acknowledge that every human being is different and has diverse fitness needs. What works for some, might not work for others. Regardless, we encourage you to try out pilates at least once and if it suits you, definitely invest in a pilates machine. The Core Collab offers the best machines with the latest technology in the industry for at-home and studio reformer pilates in Australia. We also provide accessories, such as our popular Reformer Mat or our Air Compression Recovery Boots

In our world of convenience and accessibility, choose to be the master of your fate and make a difference by truly investing in yourself and bettering your health.


  • What is the difference between pilates and pilates reformer?

Pilates is typically done on a mat without any equipment whereas pilates reformer involves a reformer machine made of various complex parts, such as a carriage system, standing platform, comfort footbar, and springs, ropes, or pulleys.

  • Can you do reformer pilates on your own?

You can but it’s often encouraged to seek professional assistance if you’re an absolute beginner.