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Discover a range of compact and custom-made Pilates Reformers to fit in any space at your home, making fitness convenient.


Get premium accessories to optimize your Pilates workout experience and make it more effective for every muscle in your body.


Enhance your studio with a wide range of Pilates machines and empower your clients with a new dimension of workout and fitness.

Pioneers of Pilates Machines for Sale in Australia

Core Collab is the pioneer of manufacturing Pilates machines in Australia. We take pride in assisting and empowering health and fitness enthusiasts and professional trainers alike by providing them with the best equipment they need at home or at their studio. Our machines gives a whole new experience of working out.

Unparalleled Excellence in Pilates Reformer Machines

Core Collabs is more than just a Pilates Reformer manufacturer and supplier. We take client needs and wants into consideration before manufacturing an equipment, and that helps us offer unparalleled excellence to every buyer of our Pilates Reformer Machines. We take pride in providing custom-made equipment for homes and studios in every corner across Australia. 

we ensure that engineering, quality, and comfort work hand in hand to deliver the best of our craft. Our innovative engineering brings together top-notch quality and comfort, making health and fitness effective, even with limited effort. The result is a range of finely manufactured equipment that allows you to focus solely on your movements without any distractions or discomfort. You'll experience the Core Collab difference the moment you step onto one of our machines. With our patented spring and gliding mechanism, your ride becomes incredibly smooth, transforming your body whether you're a beginner or an experienced Pilates enthusiast.

Custom Designed Machines for Your Home & Studio

We know you have varied expectations and demands from your Pilates machines, which is why we make all about You. Core Collab is flexible about the design of your equipment and customizes it according to your needs movements so that you use it with ease and comfort at your home and studio. 

Customize your Core Collab Pilates machine with:

  • Custom upholstery to match your style
  • Choose attractive colors
  • Tailor commercial springs to your needs
  • Add your branding for a personal touch

Our machines are aesthetically pleasing and have optimized ergonomics so that your interaction with them is uncompromisingly personalized. Every movement of your body and the machine is targeted and harmonious, empowering you to experience Pilates on a whole new level. Our equipment is made to transform and strengthen every muscle in your body. 

Client Reviews

user JOAN
star rating It works great!

Reviewed in the Australia on September 14, 2022

Verified Purchase

When I was looking for reformers for my new studio I went straight to The Core Collab. Not only was a client at their studios for decades, but I also did their teacher training. When I was ready to create my own studio they helped me with the design, production and placement of all of my reformers. Without their guidance I don’t think my studio would be as successful as it is today!

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star rating It works great!

Reviewed in the Australia on July 27, 2022

Verified Purchase

I had no idea this company had been designing and manufacturing reformers for over 20 years. I think it is because they create reformers for a lot of the big brand resellers here in Australia. I’m so lucky I found them as I was able to not only get advice straight from the manufacturer, but was able to cut out the middle-man and save money!”

105 people found this helpful.

user EMILY
star rating It works great!

Reviewed in the Australia on August 15, 2022

Verified Purchase

The best service ever! Jenni is an expert in not only Pilates workouts but also in reformers. I actually couldn’t believe how much she knew. It really gave me the confidence I needed in my purchase.”

70 people found this helpful.

Empowering Movement Across Australia - Pilates Reformer Machines For Sale

Core Collab could be your ultimate Pilate Machine manufacturer and supplier. We are committed to transforming workout, fitness, and lives through our premium range of equipment. We design and manufacture these machines with care, considering the needs of every practitioner. Our engineers consider the movements and body dynamics of every fitness enthusiast and trainer while designing and crafting each Pilates machinefor sale. You don’t have to think twice before choosing any of our equipment either for your home or studio because Core Collab is committed to empowering movements across Australia.

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